The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh
The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh


The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh

Michael Chabon

Modern Prose

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Michael Chabon The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh To Lollie We have shared out like thieves the amazing treasure of nights and days – J. L. BORGES 1. Elevator Going Up At the beginning of the summer I had lunch with my father, the gangster, who was in town for the weekend to transact some of his vague business. We'd just come to the end of a period of silence and ill will-a year I'd spent in love with and in the same apartment as an odd, fragile girl whom he had loathed, on sight, with a frankness and a fury that were not at all like him. But Claire had moved out the month before. Neither my father nor I knew what to do with our new freedom. "I saw Lenny Stern this morning," he said. "He asked after you. You remember your Uncle Lenny." "Sure," I said, and I thought for a second about Uncle Lenny, juggling three sandwich halves in the back room of his five-and-dime in the Hill District a million years ago. I was nervous and drank more than I ate; my father carefully dispatched...