Sequence of author: Time's tapestry(№4)


Stephen Baxter

Alternative history

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Stephen Baxter Weaver Time's Tapestry AD 1492 'As mapped by myself; in which the long warp threads are the history of the whole world; and the wefts which run from selvedge to selvedge are distortions of that history, deflected by a Weaver unknown; be he human, divine or satanic…' FRIAR GEOFFREY COTESFORD OF YORK The Prophecy of Nectovelin 4BC (Free translation from Latin, with acrostic preserved.) Ah child! Bound in time's tapestry, and yet you are born free Come, let me sing to you of what there is and what will be, Of all men and all gods, and of the mighty emperors three. Named with a German name, a man will come with eyes of glass Straddling horses large as houses bearing teeth like scimitars. The trembling skies declare that Rome's great son has come to earth A little Greek his name will be. Whilst God-as-babe has birth Roman force will ram the island's neck into a noose of stone. Emerging first in Brigantia, exalted later then in Rome! Prostrate before a...

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