A matter of time
A matter of time


A matter of time

Glen Cook

Detective science fiction

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Glen Cook A matter of time I. On the Z Axis; 12 September 1977; At the Intersection Total darkness. Silence broken only by restless audience movements. Suddenly, all-surrounding sound. A crossbreed, falsetto yodel/scream backed by one reverberating chord on the bass guitar. A meter-wide pillar of red light waxes and wanes with the sound. Erik Danzer is on. Nude to the waist, in hip-deep vapor, he rakes his cheeks with his fingernails. He is supposed to look like an agonized demon rising from some smoldering lava pit of hell. Light and sound depart for five seconds. Owlhoot sound from the synthesizer. Sudden light reveals Danzer glaring audience right. Light and sound fade. Repeat, Danzer glaring left. Harsh electric guitar chords, with the bass overriding, throbbing up chills for the spine. Mirror tricks, flashing, put Danzer all over the stage, screaming, "You! You! You!" while pointing into the audience. "You girl!" The lights stay on now, though dimly, throbbing with...

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