Agent of the Terran Empire
Agent of the Terran Empire

Year of publication: 1965
Sequence of author: Dominic flandry(№5)

Agent of the Terran Empire

Poul Anderson

Space science fiction

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Agent of the Terran Empire by Poul Anderson Introduction Here is a set of swashbuckling, breathtaking adventures among the stars, in the future yet to come. Sir Dominic Flandry, captain in Earth’s Imperial Naval Intelligence Corps, schemes and fights his way through a clutch of enemies, human and nonhuman. At the same time, these stories deal with more than wild battles, hairbreadth escapes, and escapades involving some of the galaxy’s most enticing young ladies. Beneath all the swashbuckling there is a view of history, as it has been and as it perhaps always will be. The wildest adventures seem to come at two different stages in the life of a civilization. First the adventures come when the civilization is fresh, vigorous, and aggressively expanding. But there is also the time when the civilization is old, when it wants nothing but to be left in peace. Then the ruthless new peoples arise, beyond the imperial borders or even within them. It...

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