The Rebel Worlds
The Rebel Worlds

ISBN: 9780451151452
Year of publication: 1969
Sequence of author: Dominic flandry(№3)

The Rebel Worlds

Poul Anderson

Space science fiction

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The Rebel Worlds by Poul Anderson Make oneness. I/we: Feet belonging to Guardian Of North Gate and others who can be, to Raft Farer and Woe who will no longer be, to Many Thoughts, Cave Discoverer, and Master Of Songs who can no longer be; Wings belonging to Iron Miner and Lightning Struck The House and others to be, to Many Thoughts who can no longer be; young Hands that has yet to share memories: make oneness. (O light, wind, river! They flood too strongly, they tear me/us apart.) Strength. This is not the first young Hands which has come here to remember the journey that was made so many years before he/she was born; nor shall this be the last. Think strength, think calm. (Blurred, two legs, faceless … no, had they beaks?) Remember. Lie down at ease where leaves whisper beneath hues of upthrusting land coral; drink light and wind and sound of the river. Let reminiscence flow freely, of deeds that were done before this my/our Hands came to birth. ...

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