Mob Psychology
Mob Psychology

Sequence of author: The destroyer(№87)
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Mob Psychology

Warren Murphy
Richard Sapir

Detective science fiction

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Destroyer 87: Mob Psychology By Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir Chapter 1 Now that two men were holding him down on the soggy ground and a third had submerged his head in the cranberry bog, Wally Boyajian reluctantly concluded that it had all been too good to be true, after all. This must be a hazing ritual, Wally thought wildly as he held his breath, his lips compressed to keep out the brackish bog water that was already clogging his nostrils. It was the only explanation. He had showed up for the job interview bright and early at eight A. M. sharp. Wally had no more stepped up to the reception desk than the blue-blazered security guard immediately buzzed the vice-president in charge of systems outreach. "Your eight o'clock is here, Mr. Tollini," he said crisply. "Show him in, quick." "Mr. Tollini will see you now," the lobby guard had said, pointing down the luxuriously carpeted hallway. "South wing. Last door at the end of the hall." "Thank you,"...