Shock Value
Shock Value

Sequence of author: The destroyer(№51)
Keywords: Chiun Destroyer Remo

Shock Value

Warren Murphy
Richard Sapir

Detective science fiction

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Shock Value The Destroyer #51 by Richard Sapir & Warren Murphy Copyright © 1983 by Richard Sapir & Warren Murphy All rights reserved. Shock Value A Peanut Press Book Published by, Inc. ISBN: 0-7408-0574-6 First Peanut Press Edition This edition published by arrangement with Boondock Books For Pat Sellus and for the House of Sinanju, P.O. Box 1454, Secaucus, N.J. 07094 ?Chapter One Orville Peabody was watching television. Had his mind been operating correctly, he might have said that he liked television as well as anybody. Back home in the nondescript clapboard ranchstyle house in West Mahomset, Ohio, which he shared with his regulation homemaker wife and their requisite quota of average children, he had watched quite a bit of television. As a child, in another nondescript clapboard ranch-style house in West Mahomset, he had squeezed in regular doses of "Howdy...

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