Infernal Revenue
Infernal Revenue

Sequence of author: The destroyer(№96)
Keywords: Chiun Destroyer Remo

Infernal Revenue

Warren Murphy
Richard Sapir

Detective science fiction

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Destroyer 96: Infernal Revenue By Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir Chapter 1 From the moment he drove through the gate, Buzz Kuttner thought there was something spooky about Woodlawn Asylum. Maybe it was the grim-faced stone lions whose disembodied heads perched atop the brick entrance posts, or the fact that the evening sky began crackling with a sickly yellow lightning as he passed through. Certainly it wasn't the fact that the back of his Ford Econoline van was crammed with pilfered computer equipment. Buzz Kuttner cut deals like the one that had brought him to Woodlawn on this stormy early-September night all the time. These days a dishonest buck was about the only buck the Buzz Kuttners of the world could turn. Another forked yellow bolt stabbed down into Long Island Sound as he sent the van circling the three-story brick building, looking for the freight entrance. The thunder, when it came, was a dull, distant thump too meek to echo with conviction. ...

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