Syndication Rites
Syndication Rites

Sequence of author: The destroyer(№122)
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Syndication Rites

Warren Murphy
Richard Sapir

Detective science fiction

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Destroyer 122: Syndication Rites By Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir Chapter 1 Drugs were Cal Dreeder's stock-in-trade. He had realized this sad truth in an alcohol-inspired epiphany just a few short days before his untimely death. That cold winter night the last of his dreary life-he mentioned his revelation to Randy Smeed. "Stock-in-trade means you deal it, Cal," Smeed explained to the older man. He tried to force a bored tone, but there was a tightness to his voice. The two men were crammed along with twelve others in the back of a windowless van. They jounced uncomfortably on their hard seats as the nondescript vehicle turned off the New Jersey turnpike. The road soon became rough. "It's what you do business with," Cal said knowingly. "I looked it up. And without drugs, we're out of business." He sounded almost disappointed. "We'd find something else to do," Randy insisted dryly. "You, maybe. Not me. I've been in this business nearly thirty years....

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