A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows
A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

ISBN: 9780451150578
Year of publication: 1975
Sequence of author: Dominic flandry(№7)

A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

Poul Anderson

Space science fiction

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A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows by Poul Anderson I Every planet in the story is cold—even Terra, though Flandry came home on a warm evening of northern summer. There the chill was in the spirit. He felt a breath of it as he neared. Somehow, talk between him and his son had drifted to matters Imperial. They had avoided all such during their holiday. Terra itself had not likely reminded them. The globe hung beautiful in starry darkness, revealed by a view-screen in the cabin where they sat. It was almost full, because they were accelerating with the sun behind them and were not yet close enough to start on an approach curve. At this remove it shone white-swirled blue, unutterably pure, near dewdrop Luna. Nothing was visible of the scars that man had made upon it. And the saloon was good to be in, bulkheads nacreous gray, benches padded in maroon velvyl, table of authentic teak whereon stood Scotch whisky and everything needed for the use thereof,...

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