The Day of Their Return
The Day of Their Return

ISBN: 9780451063717
Year of publication: 1975
Sequence of author: Dominic flandry(№4)

The Day of Their Return

Poul Anderson

Space science fiction

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The Day of Their Return by Poul Anderson I On the third day he arose, and ascended again to the light. Dawn gleamed across a sea which had once been an ocean. To north, cliffs lifted blue from the steel gray of its horizon; and down them went a streak which was the falls, whose thunder beat dim through a windless cold. The sky stood violet in the west, purple overhead, white in the east where the sun came climbing. But still the morning star shone there, the planet of the First Chosen. I am the first of the Second Chosen, Jaan knew: and the voice of those who choose. To be man is to be radiance. His nostrils drank air, his muscles exulted. Never had he been this aware. From the brightness of his face to the grit below his feet, he was real. —O glory upon glory, said that which within him was Caruith. —It overwhelms this poor body, said Jaan. I am new to resurrection. Do you not feel yourself a stranger in chains? —Six million years have...

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