ISBN: 9780246138354
Year of publication: 1993


Stephen Baxter

Science fiction

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Stephen Baxter Anti-Ice To my mother Acknowledgments I would like to express my thanks to Eric Brown and Alan Cousins who read drafts of the manuscript; to David S. Garnett for his enthusiasm for the concept; and to my agent Maggie Noach, my editor Malcolm Edwards, and the staff at HarperCollins for their hard work on this project. Prologue A LETTER TO A FATHER July 7th, 1855 Before Sebastopol My Dear Father, I scarcely know how to address myself to you after the disgraceful conduct which caused me to leave home. I am well aware that a full year has elapsed without a word from me, and can only offer my great shame as excuse for my silence. I can assure you of my guilt at the thought that you, Mother and Ned might have imagined me lying in some dismal corner of England, alone, penniless and dying. Well, Sir, Love and Duty have combined themselves with the extraordinary events of the past few days to prompt...