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The family lay
The family lay

Sequence of author: Ab(№5345)

The family lay

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen The family lay AB-5345 CHAPTER ONE "Suck it," he said. "Get that cock in your mouth and suck hard!" Young Susan Bell quivered as her cousin ordered her to suck his cock. Jerry Clifford was just a little older. He sat on a keg in the old barn, his fly unzipped and his rampant cock sticking out of his jeans like a hard club. Susan stared at his prick, mesmerized by the boy's throbbing cockflesh and the juice oozing out of the tiny slit in his bloated cockhead. She was a virgin. Ten minutes ago she hadn't been sure she wanted to lose her cherry to her cousin, but now that she had his hard cock under her nose all resistance vanished. Susan and her mother, Marie Bell, were staying with Jerry and his parents all summer at the old farm. Aunt Angie was Marie's sister. Susan had expected a dull summer with relatives, but now it looked like this would be a summer she'd remember for a long time! "Come on," Jerry urged, his teeth clenched and his eyes bright. "Take it in your...

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