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Family love
Family love

Sequence of author: Ab(№5263)

Family love

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Family love AB-5263 CHAPTER ONE Margie Cartwright arrived flushed with excitement at her lover's apartment building. She hadn't seen him in three days and she was eager. She was horny. Her husband had fucked her that morning and it had been nice, but, although she'd had an orgasm, it had not relieved her of the lust that she felt for her new lover. It had made her all the more eager to get into bed with the man, in fact. She had a psychological need for sex, as well as a strong physical drive. Her lover's name was Raymond. He was not the first lover she had had since her marriage. Far from it. Margie had been married for fifteen years and had committed adultery a dozen times. Whenever she began a new affair, she was passionate and romantic and supposed herself to be in love. Those emotions seldom lasted more than a few months, after which she tired of her lover, lost interest and, eventually, went back to her husband with renewed affection. Her husband, Dan, knew...

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