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Hot family voyeurs
Hot family voyeurs

Sequence of author: Ab(№1112)

Hot family voyeurs

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Hot family voyeurs (AB – 1112) David Crane CHAPTER ONE "Hey, Sis-wanna watch me jerk off?" Bonny Watson looked up and grinned. Bonny was cute with bouncy tits and a luscious ass. Her teenaged brother, Jimmy, had just been admiring the girl's sexy body, and the sight had given the horny booming hard-on. He had stood up, intending to go up to his bedroom and beat his meat off in privacy, but then a sudden impulse had taken him and he asked his sister that question. Seeing that Bonny was not shocked or angry, but that she was smiling and looked interested, Jimmy shoved his pelvis out, thrusting his groin toward her. The front of his tight-fitting jeans bulged out with his stiff prick. Grinning lasciviously, Jimmy cupped his hand over the fat ridge and rubbed his cock through his, jeans. "You're naughty," Bonny giggled. "Naw-ain't nothing wrong with jacking off, Sis," Jimmy said. He leered at her. "I bet you play with your own pussy a lot, right?" he added, starting...

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