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Scandal school
Scandal school

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Scandal school

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Scandal school CHAPTER ONE John Tremont had a hard-on. Most of the time, since he enjoyed having a hard cock and positively devoted himself to the pleasures of masturbation, John was not at all displeased to find himself with a rampant pecker throbbing lustily in his pants. This was not one of those times. For one thing, John was in English class. For another, it was almost time for the bell to ring, dismissing the class. That was going to pose a serious problem for John. He knew that when he stood up, his hard cock was going to be on display in magnificent bas-relief, delineated through the material of his jeans and, no doubt, writhing like a coiled spring behind his fly, blind to all but its own selfish desires and not giving a damn how much it mortified John. He willed it to diminish and soften; it swelled and hardened. He commanded it to droop; it rose. He tried to force the purest of thoughts to fill his mind; spurning purity, his dick thundered away madly, as...

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