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Door to door teaser
Door to door teaser

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Door to door teaser

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Door to door teaser CHAPTER ONE When Jack Kramer woke up he automatically reached out to grope Sarah Walters, but his hand was on an aborted mission. The bed beside him was empty. It was still warm from her nubile body, however, and he yawned and looked at his wristwatch. It was early. Where in hell was she? They had only been living together for a few weeks, but he knew her well enough to know she was not usually an early riser. He was a bit annoyed because he dearly loved a morning fuck. That was the main reason to live with a girl, Jack figured. You could always screw a broad at night but living together provided the setting for regular morning sex. Sarah wasn't always agreeable, but she could be talked into it. She was a beautiful young lady and should have been a wonderful love partner but she was naive and rather inhibited. Jack had dated her for months before she let him fuck her and even after the first time it was always a struggle to get her into bed in...

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