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Horny babysitter
Horny babysitter

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Horny babysitter

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Horny babysitter CHAPTER ONE Jill Landon was on the sofa. Her pretty legs were curled under her as she read her schoolbook. She was eating a banana as her bright blue eyes danced across the page. At least she was supposed to be eating the banana. But she wasn't. She was sucking on it. She had peeled the skin halfway down and now she sat reading, absent-mindedly nursing the thickness of the banana between her soft ripe lips. "Jill," her mother said from the recliner, "don't do that." Jill eased the banana from her mouth and blinked dumbly. "What?" "You know what," her mother said. She eyed the wet banana as if it were something disgusting, "You just don't know how awful that looks." Jill looked hurt. "But what am I doing wrong?" she cried. Alice Landon heaved a sigh. "A eighteen-year old girl just shouldn't be sitting around sucking things," she said. "Now either eat it or toss it out." "But I like to suck on it," Jill said. "It makes the flavor last." "Jill!" her...

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