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Turned on twins
Turned on twins

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Turned on twins

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Turned on twins CHAPTER ONE Tony Langford was one of the few people who could tell the Anderson twins apart. Tony had worked for the Andersons as their chauffeur for several months and, after a week or so, he had discovered the secret that allowed him to differentiate between the two twins. To the uneducated eye, it was nearly impossible to tell Chastity from Charity Anderson the teenage girls had identical faces and equally superb bodies. They had long blonde hair, big blue eyes and wide, sensual mouths. Both had pert, thrusting tits and taut asses shaped like inverted valentines and long legs that seemed destined to be hooked happily around a man's humping loins as he plowed into their juicy snatches. They were both trim and lithe and nubile. Their voices had the same husky timbre and the same expressions flashed across their mobile features when they spoke. Tony had discovered two ways to tell them apart. Charity had a tiny birthmark on her neck, usually hidden...

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