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Wide-open wife
Wide-open wife

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Wide-open wife

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Wide-open wife CHAPTER ONE Joanna Barton arched her body so that when Gilbert Finch reached for the globes of her heavy tits they filled his palms like ripe fruit. She wore no bra beneath the thin fabric of her blouse, and her nipples were prodding his hands. She thought of her husband. She thought of how shocked he would be if he could see his boss, Gilbert Finch, with his hands on her tits. Finch had strong hands. Joanna was amazed at her own wantonness, at the unexpected realization that she liked to be handled this way. She dropped to her knees in front of Finch, her hands fluttering at his crotch. She found his throbbing cock under the material of his pants. She dipped her face down to brush her lips against the bulge. She worked her fingers at the zipper of his fly. Finch leered down at her. He sprawled back in his swivel chair. "Go to it, baby," he said. "My secretary never comes in here uninvited." Joanna brought out his swollen cock. She stroked his thick...

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