Balance of Power
Balance of Power

Sequence of author: The destroyer(№44)

Balance of Power

Warren Murphy


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Warren Murphy Balance of Power For Molly Cochran and the House of Sinanju, P.O. Box 1454, Secaucus, NJ. 07094 Forward Warren Murphy lives in New Jersey. He has been a newspaperman, a sequin polisher and a political consultant. His hobbies are mathematics, chess, martial arts, opera, politics, gambling, and sloth. Occasionally married, he is the father of four children. He tells how the Destroyer series got started: "The first Destroyer was written in my attic in 1963. It finally got published in 1971 and was an overnight success. In those days, Dick Sapir was my co-author and partner. He retired from the Destroyers a couple of years ago and took his name off the books when he decided he didn't want anybody to know he knew me. I helped him make this decision by locking him in my cellar for eight days without water. "Nevertheless, he still hangs around. Various characters that appear in these pages are Dick's. Occasionally, he writes sections when someone or something annoys him....