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The willing Usherette
The willing Usherette

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The willing Usherette


Erotic, Sex

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Unknown The willing Usherette CHAPTER ONE The sign on his desk read "Newton Simpson, Manager". Betsy Morrison's dark brown eyes left the sign and went back to the handsome man behind the desk. The dark, slender twelve-year-old felt a trembling tension in her tummy. This was the first time she'd ever tried to apply for a real job, no wonder she was excited. Newton Simpson looked up from the application that Betsy had just filled out. He was handsome, a little plump, and too well fed. But his black hair was full and neatly combed and he wore a loud but expensive sports coat. In short, he looked just like what he was, a successful manager of a large motion picture theater. "It says here that you're sixteen, is that right, Betsy?" The little girl tried to smile and look casual under the man's knowing stare. "Yes… sixteen," Betsy lied. Mr. Simpson nodded and raised one eyebrow. Betsy could see that he knew she wasn't telling the truth but the twinkle in his eye told her that he...