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Wide-open babysitter
Wide-open babysitter

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Wide-open babysitter

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Wide-open babysitter CHAPTER ONE Belinda Roberts was young. She was a schoolgirl, of course, and it was just as well that she went to a modern, permissive school that did not have a dress code, because she was in the habit of wearing clothing that emphasized her nubile body. It annoyed her female teachers, but there was nothing they could do about it in this permissive society, except frown at her and – quite possibly – feel a bit envious of her youthful and sexy charms. It intrigued her male teachers, who sometimes got hard-ons in class and had to hide behind desks and charts until the condition went away. And it positively delighted her female gym teacher, who was known to have lesbian inclinations. It also excited the boys in her class, disrupting the learning process to an inordinate degree. Today she had excelled herself. She was wearing a cotton tee-shirt that was two sizes too small and left little to the imagination. She wore no bra and the shirt was molded...

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