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Aunties young lover
Auntie_s young lover

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Auntie_s young lover

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Auntie_s young lover CHAPTER ONE The sheet tossed away to uncover her overheated body, Maureen Griffin listened to the sounds of fucking coming from the other side of the wall. Her brother and sister-in-law, Hal and Sandy, were in the neighboring room and they'd been fucking up a storm for nearly an hour. The moaning and groaning and creaking of the bedsprings forced all sorts of lewd images into Maureen's mind as she tried to imagine the husband and wife in action. I'd give anything to watch them, she thought. Then she shivered at the wickedness of the idea. It was all due to loneliness. She was twenty-seven years old and still without a husband. If she'd have a man of her own, someone, to fuck whenever she was in the mood, she'd be with her husband tonight instead of lying there listening to her brother and sister-in-law fucking like a pair of rabbits. With a deep sigh of frustration, Maureen ran her hands over her naked tits. She always slept in the nude. She...

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