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Discipline for daughter
Discipline for daughter

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Discipline for daughter

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Discipline for daughter CHAPTER ONE Pretty little Marsha Brennan cowered under the covers as she heard the front door open and close. From the sounds in the other room, she knew her father was drunk again. She heard bumps and scrapes and something fell to the floor. She heard her father curse. Marsha dreaded these sounds in the night, sounds any other teenaged girl would pay little attention to. She drew the blankets tighter around her neck and shuddered. Odd feelings coursed through her body. The cold fear, the shortness of breath, the mounting dread, these she could understand. It was the other feelings she couldn't grasp – the tickle deep in her belly, the funny feeling in her cunt and the tingling of the pink nipples on her jutting tits. She caught her lower lip between her teeth and shut her eyes tightly. Please God, she prayed, silently, don't let him come in here again. Please let him pass out. She heard footsteps approaching her bedroom. Her heart beat...

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