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Naughty willing family
Naughty willing family

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Naughty willing family

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Naughty willing family CHAPTER ONE Pam Fairfield sucked her husband's tongue into her mouth. She felt a rush of passion wash over her as Richard pressed his big chest against her thrusting tits. Married only a week, the sloe-eyed brunette felt the familiar flutter in her pussy as he closed his hands over her bikini-clad ass. It was hard to believe that they'd met only two months ago. Pam had gone to work for the National Insurance Company as a secretary in Richard's department. They'd liked each other from the beginning and he'd proposed within a month. Now the turned-on bride responded eagerly when he pushed her onto the bed. They were still dressed, but her boobs throbbed and her nipples stiffened with excitement. She felt her pussy moisten as he slipped his hands under her blouse. They'd taken a short honeymoon and had just returned to start their new life together, a life which included a ready-made family. Pam was apprehensive about settling into her new home....

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