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Brothers naughty family
Brother_s naughty family

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Brother_s naughty family

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Brother_s naughty family CHAPTER ONE Linda Field moved her hand away from her cunt and flipped the radio on to a rock station. She turned the volume to high and returned her hand to her pussy. God, it was difficult to masturbate in a houseful of people! The horny brunette divorcee was accustomed to privacy, but since she'd come to visit her brother and his family yesterday, she realized she'd have to be careful. The walls were so damn thin. She slid two fingers into her cunthole and one into her asshole, then using her thumb, she frantically tried to bring herself off. Her legs were spread wide and she squirmed from side to side as she worked on her hot snatch. Her brother, Cliff, was a terrific guy and she loved him dearly. But she was beginning to think coming here had been a mistake. Cliff was the manager of a summer resort and they lived on the grounds in a nice big house with a private yard. And Linda liked Cliff's wife, Barbara, well enough. It was just that...

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