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Hot coming family
Hot coming family

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Hot coming family

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Hot coming family CHAPTER ONE Fred Mitchell propped himself up against his pillows and sipped a beer while his wife, Millie, fluttered her fingers lightly up and down his thighs. In the process of teasing him, she had become aroused and her fingers caressed him erotically. She lay on her side and moved her fingers near his crotch. She barely brushed his balls with her fingertips and lightly touched his cock. She thought about her teenage nephew in the room next door and her own two children who were sleeping down the hall. At thirty-eight the pert brunette had a good life, and she was even more appreciative since her sister-in-law, Laura, had arrived. Laura was Fred's younger sister and Eric's mother. Her husband had walked out on her and she and the blonde boy were spending some time with the Mitchells. How lucky I am! Millie thought as she shifted her position and watched her shortie robe open to reveal the fur triangle between her legs. When she leaned forward,...

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