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Susan after school
Susan after school


Susan after school


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Unknown Susan after school CHAPTER ONE When the bell finally sounded Susie Merton sighed with relief. She liked school and she was a good student, but it had been a long afternoon. Her pussy had started to itch during English, and she had been squirming about in her seat all through History. She looked up at Mr. Thompson, her History teacher, always so proper and respectable in his blazer and flannels. Wednesday was the only day Susie had him for her last class, and it seemed to her that he always looked especially proper on those days. Catching his eye turned in her direction she smiled, only to see him flush and turn quickly away. The other students filed out quickly. Susie lingered and approached the teacher's desk as if to ask a question. "Mr. Thompson, I have this problem." "Yes, Miss Merton. What is it?" His reply was almost choked, for he knew what was coming. It was the same every Wednesday. The young girl set her textbooks down on his desk and stood beside him, on the...