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Hot schoolgirl sister
Hot schoolgirl sister

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Hot schoolgirl sister

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Hot schoolgirl sister CHAPTER ONE It was about three o'clock when Linda's pussy started to itch. Her cunt usually itched after a long day in school. She kept her innocent, blue eyes on the teacher, but her hand slipped into the pocket of her jeans. Her slender fingers stole into the pocket and touched firm, naked flesh. Linda had long ago cut the pocket right out of her jeans. Her fingers brushed through soft peach fuzz and touched her pussy-lips. Her curvy, young legs parted under the desk and her middle finger located her clit, that special spot all girls love. Her eyes got glassy as her finger began to slowly rub and stroke and massage her little clit. She slumped a little in her seat to make her pussy more available. Her bright eyes watched the teacher write on the blackboard and her fingers clawed her clit. Her thighs opened farther and she slipped one naughty finger into her juicy fuck-hole. With her slender finger inside her pussy and her thumb on her stiff,...

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