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The wild west family
The wild west family

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The wild west family

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane The wild west family CHAPTER ONE On Sunday morning, Peter West woke up feeling horny – and with a huge hard-on to prove it. The bedsheets were lifted up over his loins as if raised on a tentpole. Peter grinned. Having a hard-on was no hardship at all, since his voluptuous wife, Marianna, was in bed beside him, naked. He glanced at her. She was asleep, but even in repose her lovely face was lustful. She had high cheekbones and a wide, sensual slash of a mouth. Her eyes were closed. When they opened, they would be misty green. Peter gently drew the covers down and leaned up on one elbow, admiring her body. She was dark and sultry and shapely. Her tits thrust up in perfect spheres, capped by the stiff, rosy peaks of her perky nipples. Peter's mouth watered at the sight. His gaze slid down her slender stomach and gently rounded belly. Her cunt-vee was a tangled thicket of raven-dark hair spreading out wide from her groin. Her legs were long and lovely. They were...

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