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See mom suck
See mom suck

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See mom suck

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen See mom suck Ryan was afraid to breathe. He had his eyes against the peephole, and he was afraid she'd hear his breathing or the pounding of his heart. His mother was on the other side of the wall, and she was beginning to undress. He'd been waiting almost an hour for her to come up to her bedroom. Now it was starting, and he was going nuts with excitement. It wasn't the first time. He'd made the peephole about a month ago and he'd been able to see her naked a dozen times. But each time the excitement was as intense as the first time. His mother had become his obsession. He'd always had fantasies about her, but ever since he started watching her through the peephole he'd been thinking about nothing else. She had her blouse off now. Her name was Jennifer and she was a beautiful woman in her prime. She kept her dark hair cut short in a boyish style that revealed the elegance of her face and neck. She had a trim athletic body with solid tits. The soft white bra she now...

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