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Feeding the file clerk
Feeding the file clerk

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Feeding the file clerk

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Feeding the file clerk CHAPTER ONE The minute Angela saw the man staring at her in her small white bikini, she knew he wanted to fuck her. The mere thought of a man like that screwing her made her very excited, and her pussy tingled all over. She had just turned eighteen and her sexy thoughts tuned from boys her own age to middle-aged men, like the man eyeing her now, the handsome man in blue swim trunks with a chunky crotch. A new thrill passed through her lithe young body as she allowed herself to stare back at the man's bulging trunks. His cock must be enormous when it's stiff, she thought feverishly. She looked good enough to eat in her new white bikini. The top was nothing but two small triangles, hardly hiding her jutting young tits. The bottom was two triangles, too, one in back over her tight, curvy ass, and one in front, hugging her pussy. The bold man's eyes on her made her feel naked, and that sent a thrill through her, too. He looked hungry. His stare...

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