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See the family come
See the family come

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See the family come

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane See the family come CHAPTER ONE Ginny Rayburn sat up in bed, yawning, still half asleep. The young girl's curly blonde hair was all tousled, framing a lovely face. She had soulful brown eyes and a wide, sensual mouth. She yawned again, then stretched. The sheets fell away, revealing a set of cute tits capped by pink, perky nipples. It was a Saturday, and Ginny didn't have to get up for school and she considered staying in bed for a while longer – maybe to get a bit more sleep, or maybe to play with her pussy. She liked a morning hand-job now and again. She tilted her head down and looked at her tits, then began to finger the tips. She pulled gently and experimentally at the rosy nubs, checking to see if she was horny enough to warrant finger-fucking. It felt nice to feel herself up – and although not nearly as nice as when a boy did it, of course but the nubile little minx wasn't really in the mood at the moment. She had slept soundly and been unexcited by naughty...

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