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The neighbors suck like us
The neighbors suck like us!

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The neighbors suck like us!

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane The neighbors suck like us! CHAPTER ONE Roger Wedgewood and Tony Benson were both happily married family men, but they were out of town on business a lot and, naturally, they got horny, since they were red-blooded guys as well as loving husbands. Tonight, three hundred miles from home, the two neighbors and friends went into the hotel bar together, hoping to find some action. But it looked as if they were destined to be disappointed this particular evening. There was only one woman at the bar. She was a spectacularly lovely redhead, with big tits spilling out of a low-cut gown and a great ass. But she was with another man. Roger and Tony had a drink at the bar, lingering over it, hoping a couple of girls might come in. But they were out of luck. Not a single lady, even an unsightly one, came into the place. They were in the mood of fucking, not drinking, so when the first drinks were finished, they were about to go back to their rooms, where they would have to...

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