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Between mother and son
Between mother and son

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Between mother and son

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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Between mother and son David Crane CHAPTER ONE Usually, after her husband had left for the office and the kids had gone to school, Jessica Macarthur liked to go back to bed and spend a relaxing hour playing with her pussy. It wasn't that the voluptuous redhead needed to finger fuck herself. She got plenty of good fucking from her handsome husband, Dan and a bit on the side, as well, since she was a rather promiscuous lady. It was more just a pleasant habit. Today, for a change, she decided to forego her ritual morning hand job. Dan had thrown an energetic fuck into her before he left and she felt completely satisfied. She lingered over a cup of coffee, wondering how to spend her time that morning and finally decided that she would clean out her son's bedroom closet. Jeff was a teenager and growing by leaps and bounds, turning into a tall, athletic young man, and his mother knew that there would be a lot of clothing he had outgrown which she could collect and send off to the...

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