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Mom eyes the kids
Mom eyes the kids

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Mom eyes the kids

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Mom eyes the kids CHAPTER ONE When Diana Jackson woke up, she wondered why her husband wasn't in bed beside her. Then she heard him moving around the bedroom, in the pre-dawn light. Still groggy with sleep, she saw his silhouette framed against the pale oblong of the window and realized that he was getting dressed. He was being quiet and hadn't turned the lights on, not wanting to disturb her, evidently. But why in hell? Then she remembered. It was Saturday morning, and usually Diana and Dan lingered in bed on the weekends, doing a lot of sucking and fucking before the kids were awake – and then returned to bed for more, once Holly and Jimmy had gone out to play. But Dan's boss had invited him on a hunting trip this weekend, which explained why Dan was up and getting dressed at this ungodly hour. Dan hadn't been very enthused about going hunting, since he much preferred to spend the weekend using his prick on his voluptuous wife, shooting into pussy rather than...

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