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Whipped waitress

Sequence of author: Bc(№2005)

Whipped waitress

Richard Reed

Erotic, Sex

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Richard Reed Whipped waitress CHAPTER ONE "You're the worst fucking waitress I've ever seen," Mark said. "You know that?" Judy was crying. He'd been yelling at her for the past ten minutes, ever since he called her into his office. It was her first night on the job and she screwed up so many orders that she was sure he would fire her. "You lied to me about having experience, didn't you?" She nodded her head and brushed her long red hair back over her shoulders. She tried not to look at him. The way his cruel eyes mocked her gave her the creeps. He was tall and husky and his size alone was enough to intimidate her. "I should have known," he said. "You're only eighteen. What experience could you have? One thing, though, you look good in that outfit." He stared at her until she blushed. Her frilly red blouse showed off her huge firm tits. The satiny material was cut low in front and it clung to her flesh. Her black skirt was shorter than anything she'd ever worn before, hardly...

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