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Two-way wife
Two-way wife

Sequence of author: Diary novel(№219)

Two-way wife

Don Lewis

Erotic, Sex

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Don Lewis Two-way wife CHAPTER ONE A dream that I was to have again and again started the series of events that eventually led Mike and me to Susan. In the dream, another woman succeeded in seducing me. I had never been a girl who worries a lot, especially about dreams, but this dream did upset me. Before the dream, lesbianism had never held any attraction at all for me. I had felt as if my husband and other men were completely satisfying my sexual needs. Yet the dream changed all that. At first, the dream was always the same. As it began, I stood naked at the door of a large, bright, airy room. A gentle breeze carried the scent of perfume to me. There was soft carpet beneath my bare feet. A huge canopied four-poster bed stood at the far side of the room. A beautiful woman, wearing only the flimsiest of nightgowns, slept on the satin sheets that covered the bed. For the first few moments of the dream, I stared at her. Her high cheekbones,...