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She licked the landlord
She licked the landlord

Sequence of author: Diary novel(№534)

She licked the landlord

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane She licked the landlord CHAPTER ONE "Oh, shit," Crystal Norris muttered. She knew damned well that it was the landlord who had just knocked on her apartment door. And she knew what he wanted, too. The girl had sneaked out early to get the morning newspaper and now she was back in bed, scanning the classified section. She was looking for another apartment but first she had to find a job, since she had no money at all to pay the rent or even make a deposit. She couldn't have paid the rent in this dump, either – if she hadn't came to an arrangement with the landlord. And she knew he had come to collect. Al Gunderson, the landlord – or slumlord, as Crystal thought of him – stopped by every single day. And it seemed to the girl that, although no dollars were involved, she was paying a very steep rent, indeed. It was a good thing she liked sucking cocks. Otherwise, her tenancy would have been unbearable. Crystal was a very...

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