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Mom gets hot
Mom gets hot

Sequence of author: Diary novel(№448)

Mom gets hot

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Mom gets hot CHAPTER ONE His sister's plump tit was rubbing against his arm, and Tommy Harlow began to wonder if it had been such a good idea to bring her along on this hayride, after all. Tommy hadn't noticed how sexy and nubile Debby had become in the last year. Now, huddled together under a blanket as the wagon rocked along the rough country lane, the boy was becoming very much aware of how soft and curvaceous her body was. He was afraid that this might turn out to be a very frustrating evening. The circumstances were unusual. Tommy's girlfriend, Rebecca, had told him that afternoon that she had a long-standing date with another guy to go on the hayride. The guy, Harry, had been her boyfriend in the past, but his family had moved out of town, so Rebecca and Harry had broken off their relationship. However, Harry had told her he would be back to take her on the hayride. Rebecca – so she claimed – had not been able to contact him...

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