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Horny young housewife
Horny young housewife

Sequence of author: Diary novel(№418)

Horny young housewife

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Horny young housewife CHAPTER ONE It wasn't as if the boy hadn't been flirting with her for months. Toni Mellon, sucking hard on the boy's cock, felt a burning hunger between her legs. The boy, high-school senior Bobby Anderson, was apparently feeling no pain either. His legs were sprawled open and he stared at her as she crouched between his legs and ravenously licked his prick. Only five minutes ago he'd been carrying her grocery order into the kitchen. Now he was sitting on her chair in her kitchen and she was helping herself to his teenaged goodies. The sexy brunette rubbed his thigh lightly with one hand as she tongued his piss-slit. The boy was big and well-built and he'd been coming on to her for months. She'd talked to her best friend about him, and Angel agreed that the boy was a flirt. Angel went further than that. She advised Toni to go for it. She'd been following her own advice for years. She told Toni it was time...

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