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Eager naughty wife
Eager naughty wife

Sequence of author: Diary novel(№380)

Eager naughty wife

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Eager naughty wife CHAPTER ONE "Give me a cock! I want a cock in here!" Cheryl Dickinson nibbled a potato chip and watched the blonde on the movie screen rub her fingers in a circular motion over her cunt. She sighed, glancing at her husband, Charlie, as the girl in the fuck-film squirmed her ass and slid her fingers up and down her blonde muffed slit. "Charlie," Cheryl said, cuddling closer to him. "What?" her husband of ten years grunted. "Charlie, why don't we do it instead of watch it?" she said. "Shut up, we'll do it later," he said. Cheryl sighed and filled her mouth with chips. The blonde's fingers splayed over her juicy gash. The camera zeroed in for a close-up and Cheryl could see the foamy cunt-juice gush out of the girl's pussy-hole. She was getting turned-on watching, but Charlie seemed to get most of his satisfaction from the fuck-films and less and less from her lately. Now the big-titted blonde on the...

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