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Hot loving mom
Hot loving mom

Sequence of author: Diary novel(№384)

Hot loving mom

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Hot loving mom CHAPTER ONE "Move it!" he said. "Come on, shake that ass!" Kerry Larson turned her head on the pillow and gazed at her husband of twenty years. She was consumed with rage, but didn't want him to know. She knew from long experience that he became nastier when she was angry mid more selfish in bed than usual. And he was always selfish and self-centered in bed. All the years of their marriage. Except for the first year and the birth of their son, Jason, her entire marriage had been a bust. Oh, sure, Elliot made a good living and always brought home his paycheck. But he was a clod. A boring clod who thought fucking was for the man's, benefit and that the woman deserved nothing. She knew she would have to eventually do what he wanted so she slowly turned aver and lay on her belly. "I'm in position, lord and master," she said sarcastically. "Shit, look at her, will you?" he said. "Get on your knees so I can reach...

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