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Eager naughty mom
Eager naughty mom

Sequence of author: Diary novel(№413)

Eager naughty mom

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Eager naughty mom CHAPTER ONE Alice Larson glanced at her oldest son and smiled. She plumped a pillow behind her back and continued reading her magazine. She glanced at him again. Was it possible that the boy was masturbating right here in the den? Could it be that he didn't think she would recognize the squirming around and fidgeting? She was a divorced woman with three teenage Sons and sometimes the responsibility was overwhelming. Her ex-husband, the boys' father, hardly ever came around. When he did, he passed out money and thought he was doing his job as father of three boys. Alice was proud that she was doing so well. None of the boys had ever been in trouble or involved with drugs. Nowadays that was enough for a mother to be happy about. Now she gazed at Jake and fought back a giggle. He had one hand deep in his robe pocket. He'd stayed home from school with a cold and was wearing pajamas under his robe. But it would be easy...

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