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Daddys naughty girl
Daddy_s naughty girl

Sequence of author: Diary novel(№341)

Daddy_s naughty girl

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Daddy_s naughty girl CHAPTER ONE Pretty Cindy Barnes kept thinking about sex. As she lay in bed, her thoughts made her cute tits hard in the bra she was wearing. Between her legs, nested in brief bikini panties, her cunt got warmer. A soft sound escaped her throat. Beneath the blankets her hands moved to her special spots, one on her tits, the other between her spreading thighs. Breathing rapidly, she peeled the thin bra away from one thrusting tit and started caressing herself. Her other hand slipped into her panties and her naughty fingers rubbed against her furry pussy. Both hands felt so good that Cindy caught her breath. Teasing her pink nipple and rubbing her cunt felt so nice that she closed her eyes and surrendered to the exciting sensations. So she didn't see her father come softly into her room. He saw the sweet look on her pretty face and the movements beneath her blankets and he knew right away what his girl was...

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