MS. Found in a Bottle
MS. Found in a Bottle


MS. Found in a Bottle

Edgar Allan Poe

Horror, Classical prose

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MS. Found in a Bottle by Edgar Allan Poe Qui n'a plus qu'un moment a vivre N'aplus rien a dissimuler. —Quinault—Atys OF my country and of my family I have little to say. Ill usage and length of years have driven me from the one, and estranged me from the other. Hereditary wealth afforded me an education of no common order, and a contemplative turn of mind enabled me to methodize the stores which early study very diligently garnered up.—Beyond all things, the study of the German moralists gave me great delight; not from any ill-advised admiration of their eloquent madness, but from the ease with which my habits of rigid thought enabled me to detect their falsities. I have often been reproached with the aridity of my genius; a deficiency of imagination has been imputed to me as a crime; and the Pyrrhonism of my opinions has at all times rendered me notorious. Indeed, a strong relish for physical philosophy has, I fear, tinctured my mind with a...

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