ISBN: 0002240262
Year of publication: 1994
Sequence of author: Xeelee sequence(№4)


Stephen Baxter

Space science fiction

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Ring By Stephen Baxter For my nephew Thomas Baxter PART I Event: System 1 Even at the moment she was born she knew something was wrong. A face loomed over her: wide, smooth, smiling. The cheeks were damp, the glistening eyes huge. “Lieserl. Oh, Lieserl…” Lieserl. My name, then. She explored the face before her, studying the lines around the eyes, the humorous upturn of the mouth, the strong nose. It was an intelligent, lived-in face. This is a good human being, she thought. Good stock… “Good stock?” This was impossible. She was impossible. She felt terrified of her own explosive consciousness. She shouldn’t even be able to focus her eyes yet… She tried to touch her mother’s face. Her own hand was still moist with amniotic fluid — but it was growing visibly, the bones extending and broadening, filling out the loose skin as if it were a glove. She opened her mouth. It was dry, her gums already...

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