The Assignation
The Assignation


The Assignation

Edgar Allan Poe

Classical prose

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The Assignation by Edgar Allan Poe Stay for me there! I will not fail To meet thee in that hollow vale. Exequy on the death of his wife, by Henry King, Bishop of Chichester. ILL-FATED and mysterious man!—bewildered in the brilliancy of thine own and fallen in the flames of thine own youth! Again in fancy I behold thee! Once more thy form hath risen before me!—not—oh not as thou art—in the cold valley and shadow—but as thou shouldst be—squandering away a life of magnificent meditation in that city of dim visions, thine own Venice—which is a star-beloved Elysium of the sea, and the wide windows of whose Palladian palaces look down with a deep and bitter meaning upon the secrets of her silent waters. Yes! I repeat it—as thou shouldst be. There are surely other worlds than this—other thoughts than the thoughts of the multitude—other speculations than the speculations of the sophist. Who then shall call thy conduct into question? who blame thee...