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Wife in training
Wife in training

Sequence of author: Bondage book(№112)

Wife in training

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Wife in training CHAPTER ONE She did hate the old bastard. Myrna told herself that if Bernie Perkins wasn't her boss she wouldn't stoop to spit on him. Let alone do what she was doing now. But she did have this cushy little job as his secretary and she was not about to throw it away. She did what he wanted and when he wanted it. She entertained him. Now she was sitting in his office without her dress. Bernie knew she had a husband, but of course Bernie didn't care about that. The old bastard liked his fun. He liked her in undies. She wore white today, a white bra and a white garter belt and white panties without a crotch so that her dark hairy pussy showed in the slit. She wore beige nylons and white high-heeled sandals, and Bernie's eyes were so hot she thought he'd float up to the ceiling at any moment. She knew what she did to him. She sat in a chair facing Bernie and she had her right leg raised, her right foot resting on...

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